Many Hats

Alarm goes off at 5:30 AM, I can’t lie I hit the snooze button. I’m looking for that extra 15 minutes which really at this point in time is not going to do anything to cure this tired feeling that I feel. Did I mention because quality time with my family is so important I did not go to bet until 12 AM. So now I’m feeling the effects. Last night I went to sleep with my Protector of the House Hat on, now God has blessed me to wake up so I grad my Go out and GET this MONEY hat! Actually this is the first time in a long time that I like putting this hat on. I’m back in school, coaching, teaching, and preaching but it does not seem like a chore because I look each and every one of those things. I tell you what though I’m a little frustrated, well truly overwhelmed and I rarely get that way so it is an odd feeling because the last time I was overwhelmed I was 19 years old in college. I was president of two organizations, tutoring director, along with taking 19 hours of college I probably had the most ungrateful Girlfriend that a guy could have. This time around I’m married with two beautiful children, so there is my support. I just wish support turned into energy…Pray for Vito…In need of extra battery life! GRINDTIME! 

“He who control…

“He who controls your time controls your mind”

New Single: Lookin’ For My Gina feat Lon G and Steevo

New single of my upcoming mixtape Death To My Bank Account!

Sick a couple days

I’m six days in, haven’t been able to go to the gym for the past two days because of this dreadful sinus infection. Luckily my wife was able to take really good care of me. Plenty of water and rest and I’m almost back to normal. The antibiotics have been working like a champ! Went to the doctor and of course they weigh you. Lo and behold! I’ve lost a total of 7 lbs! The doctor sees me I get my prescription and then I head home. So with a loss of 7 lbs I measure my waist and I’m down four inches around my waist! My wife has been so supportive of my journey so far, even to the point where she is like you know when I’m done breastfeeding I want to get on the same program. Usually she never wants to partake in the same things I do but I guess the results speak for themselves. I am so motivated I really want to succeed at this and help others succeed at their health goals as well.


I got a letter from a good friend of mine that is incarcerated right now. It’s amazing how positive people can be during their darkest times. It’s quite motivational. The good news is he’ll be released next month! I’ve tried to write him consistently. Reason being because I know how important support of friends and family is during this time.


During my days of being a little under the weather I had some time to reflect on the important things. I wasn’t too upset about being sick, what I was sad about was it’s been 2 days since I’ve held my son. I do miss that, but I cannot afford to get him sick at this point in time. I have a wonderful family and that my friends in a blessing! To everyone  have a wonderful week! Accomplish everything you have put your mind to!

Ali Tomineek Cypher Feat. Floss Genius & Vito

Me and the homie Floss goin’ in!

Day 1

I was sitting on my couch playing playstation and I was thinking to myself what have I let myself become…When I was in high school an college there were spans were not only would I work out once a day but twice a day! Now I’m a father of two and 80 pounds heavier than my sophomore year in college. I decided to make a change. I started going back to the gym seriously last week on Thursday…Then through conversation with a childhood friend Kareem Simmons, I ordered some herbalife. Today is day one of the 30 day challenge and the beginning to a lifelong journey of maintaining a high level of health. Honestly today is the most energized I have been in a long time. Usually I would eat lunch and be sluggish the rest of the day but today I feel great! Through prayer I can remain strong! Day 1 #operation250


“Never let anyo…

“Never let anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking”

Don Vito Corleone